Experience the unexperienced. ONEWAYOUT presents "The Body Shop", Sydney's most-anticipated real-life escape room. You will find yourself trapped inside the horrid reality of a global organ harvesting operation. You will need to investigate all methods of escape and make use of objects inside the room, in a 60-minute adrenaline fueled adventure. ONEWAYOUT delivers a fully-immersive, authentic atmosphere, with captivating storytelling and unmatched realism to create an experience worth trying.

You will be locked in a room.

The room will be unfamiliar, creepy, and full of surprises. You will bring nothing in, but the room will be filled with useful, irrelevant, and sometimes horrifying objects. You will need to utilise them to escape. But be quick, they're coming back in sixty minutes.

You will need to use your mind.

The room holds many secrets, some simple and superficial, and others secured and hidden away. Your thinking and problem solving skills will be put to the test, as you calculate your escape. Sometimes a key is not necessary to open a lock.

You won't be alone.

Two minds are better than one, and no experience brings people closer together than escaping capture. The room is unsolvable by one person, so you and your friends, family, partners, and co-workers will have to co-operate to escape. Hysteria and frustration guaranteed.

You will feel the atmosphere.

The room is built to create an authentic experience with a chilling atmosphere, strict attention to detail, unmatched realism and a captivating storyline. Every detail in the room, whether significant or not, is logical and realistic - you will not have to open doors with piano keys or chess puzzles.
Can I book for groups of 7+ people?

Unfortunately, due to space limitations and game design, both "The Body Shop" and "Takamoto Laboratories" can only fit groups of up to 6 people. There is only one active version of each room available.

Guests have previously booked simultaneous sessions of six. Guests playing the second session can enjoy a coffee in Newtown (~10 min. walk) while they wait. The second group can then watch the second session on a camera feed on our TV!

Contact us at info@onewayout.com.au for bulk booking pricing.

"How can I book for a date that is not available on the booking calendar yet?"

To assist with organisation, we release session availability gradually; usually, you can book 1-1.5 months in advance. If you have a date in mind not yet listed on the calendar, please contact us at info@onewayout.com.au and we will arrange a suitable time for you.

"What are your cancellation and refund policies?"

You can cancel your booking for a full refund 48 hours in advance. If only one player can't make it, we can refund their share of the booking price. (Does not apply to discount vouchers.)

We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you do not enjoy the experience, tell us within the first 30 minutes of your escape and recieve a full refund.

"What time should we arrive on the day? What if we're late?"

Please arrive at the time of your booking - due to the tight schedule of sessions, your play-time may be shortened if you arrive late. If you arrive early, you can relax in our reception lounge area.

"How do I find ONEWAYOUT?"

ONEWAYOUT is located at 3/57 Denison Street, Camperdown, 2050 NSW. Look for a large, green door inside the parking lot to the left of the building.

Please refer to the "Contact & Location" page for more details.

Car Accessibility & Parking

Parking is available for up to two vehicles - please park in the allocated ONEWAYOUT parking bays outside the premises.

"How long does the experience last for?"

From the start of your booking, the whole experience will last 70 to 75 minutes. You will spend 60 of those minutes inside the escape room. (Times will vary for "Takamoto Laboratories")

"What if I don't finish inside the time limit?"

Due to time limitations and the need for set-up in between groups, we cannot provide extra time. If you did not escape, the game operator can show you what you missed.

"What if I get stuck on a puzzle?"

You can ask for a hint, which will be communicated to you in a realistic, non-obtrusive way.

"Can I bring extra players on the day?"

Yes, you can bring up to four people to play the game - you can pay the price difference on the day by card or cash.

"Is there a minimum recommended age?"

We recommend a minimum age of 16 due to the mature nature of the content, including violence, gore, profanity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and frightening and intense scenes.

"I'm not good with tight spaces, should I still participate? Am I actually trapped inside the room?"

Both of our escape rooms can comfortably fit up to 6 people. If you feel nauseous or uncomfortable during the experience, you can open and leave the room at any time.

"What should I bring on the day? Where will my things be stored?"

Nothing, everything you need to escape is already in the room. You can store your things inside the private, lockable lockers on premises.

"Can I take my mobile phone or camera inside?"

To maintain the integrity of the experience, electronic devices are not permitted inside the room. This helps us ensure new players will not encounter spoilers, and our creation is protected from plagiarism.

"If we booked for less than 4 people, will we be joined with others?"

No, each session is exclusive to the group that booked it.

Public Transport

Use the Transport NSW website to find the best route from your specific location. Alternatively, call us for more information.

Wheelchair Access

Unfortunately, the location of this escape room does not allow for wheelchair access.


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$30 p.p $40 p.p
(3-4) $25 p.p $35 p.p
(5-6) $20 p.p $30 p.p

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience,
we will give you a full refund!*

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